The game of Hustle Castle takes us back to the medieval time where the kings and lords used to order the people to rule over them. There were lot of blood shade and wars with lots of luxurious facilities. So the game is of such kind of nature. The palace was used to be big and the kings used to fight with other rivals. For new player there is a section which is called Hustle Castle Cheats to use in the difficult levels of the game. as players move with the game by building their castle or palace and decorate it the levels go from easy to hard one.

You are supposed to do the things and work

  • You as player have to be able to take a good control and build many things in the game from troops to castle. For defeating the enemies and occupying their castles and enlarge your own kingdom. Follow the following steps also:
    • Trained your great scribes and warriors with training.
    • Destroy burn and plunder the palaces of other rivals and enemies.
    • Building your castle and making it bigger by having new rooms and upgrading them time to time is essential steps to do.
    • Arranging hundreds of missions is your duty and your fellow fight with orcs, skeletons, giants and dragons and kill them.
    • Developing villages and villagers may take you to the height of the game as they learn new skills and talents as well as wear new equipments.

Much more to do in the game to have fun

In the game you may join clans also by creating them with other players of the world and you can have conversation and chat with them. For dominating other kingdoms and to train your soldiers you must use the rewards of the game. for earning more chests and precious rewards you must use Hustle Castle Cheats in the game.