Entertainment is must required in daily routine human life for making life enjoyable. In the market several kinds of sources are available, but those not better than Episode Choose your Story. It is a fashionable simulation game where people can perform lots of activities like read the stories and find interesting facts. Here you also have an excellent opportunity to make own story and share with millions of people. If you have not sufficient time for playing the game and want to achieve a greater level, then you should select the Episode Hack 2019. With the help of it, you achieve a higher level and generate unlimited currencies easily.

Information about resources-

The Episode Choose your Story is containing with many kinds of resources which are required for playing. In the resources, currencies play a potential role. There are two types of currencies are present which are helpful to do purchase and upgrade related tasks. It means if you want to do buy and upgrade related tasks then you need sufficient about of currencies.

  1. Here the gems are the first kind of currency which is helpful to purchase resources. It means for giving an attractive look to avatar and buy some elements for it then you need a fixed amount of gems. You can also unlock some major and top trending stories from it. The gems are very hard to achieve but for taking part into events, release own stories, and other sources make it possible.
  2. The passes are the second type of currency and also called as premium currencies. We can also say it ticket because you can unlock different chapters from it. If you want to eran a huge amount of rewards then always connect the game with Facebook login to the game on a daily basis.

Those, you have collected all the information related to the currencies. So , you should always keep in mind such things while playing Episode Choose your Story.