Games are the best source of entertainment and enjoyment. From the help of it, you can also make a new and strong relationship. There are lots of games available in the game, but Dragon Ball Legends is the first choice of every people. It is an action based world where you can experience a new world. The game offers you lots of amazing characters for taking part in lots of activities. These characters skills and abilities are shown on stars basic. It means if the card has more stars then that card called as a premium card in the game.

  • Detail about Souls-

It is kinds of boosters which are helpful to enchase your character stars. These are divided on the category basic like red, Blue, Yellow and others. In unique words, we can say that if you want to improve your defense and attack power, then souls are needed. It is obtained by repeat the chapters, Play in PVP mode and other.

  • Class Up-

The class up is a kind of feature which is helpful to unlock different kinds of features. These are unlocking by opening the many kinds of cards like a strike, Blast and my more. When your character is reached on 300 levels, then it is unlocked automatically. Via taking part in chapters, again and again, you can easily boost the level.

  • What is a medal?

In the game, it is a kind of crucial resource which is helpful to unlock different kinds of activities. In the shop part its play and very potential role. With the help of Dragon Ball Legends Cheats, you can easily purchase the souls and other premium elements. So always try to earn a medal for getting a huge amount of elements.

Hope that this complete guide is useful for every new game to achieve a better level.