Dragon Titan Uprising is developed and offered by Ludia Inc., and the size of the game is about 81M. Mainly there are five types of currency of the game, which are fish, runes, eggs, scales, and gold coins. All the currencies are very crucial for the game as the one or the other had their own importance and value.

  • Eggs– are the important currency for the game as eggs are needed to hatch the dragons from the hatchery.
  • Gold coins– are used to upgrade the building or if you want started hatching the dragons from the hatchery.
  • Fish– essential currency of the game as these are needed in a wide number to level the different types of dragons. Also, you can add useful skills and abilities of your strongest dragon to make it stronger.
  • Scales– these are also very essential for the game as to train the dragons for the game.
  • Runes– from the draft, you can easily get the dragons which are requisite for the game.

Skill of the game

Before using the dragon skills, you had to fill up the rage bar. How do you come to know that whether your rage card is filled or empty, the answer to the question is quite easy? There is a link which is mention at the bottom of the card of the dragon. To activate the skill, the thing which is most important is that you had to indicate the rage cards. You had to only match out the color with the runes that is applicable on the board.

Good to pay attention to the repeatable quests

On the screen of Dragon Titan Uprising game, tap the dragon boat after that you had to participate for the regular scale event to gain scales of the particular colors dragon.  You can also play those events where time is not bounded, and you can easily earn fish, coins, and all the other items for the game. It is best suggested to repeat the quests and searches as long as you want for buying coins, fish, and eggs.