Jurassic world: The game is a strategy game along with lots of action and management. The player had to keep the balance of resources for the park, which includes grass, meat, and money and also know the appropriate method for controlling the dinosaur.  Jurassic World is a fun game which is offered by Ludia Inc., which is based on the thrilling skills of the dinosaur. The size of the game is nearly around 23M. Know all the details related to Jurassic World: The Game Cheats to unlock mystery cards and food stacks for your game.

    Chance to play with dinosaurs

In any game, the currency has its own importance and requirement. To provide food to your dinosaur or to build it stronger you need food stack which is again obtained to you if you had coins or reward points? With the help of currency, you can also add more and more dinosaur into your game. Moreover, you are also free to breed the dinosaur with the aid of fossils and DNA.

    Easy to earn currency for your challenges

Also, with the game currency, you can build any changes in the park or attract more visitors towards it. The visitors easily get attracted if they found some recreational facilities with you. You can also attract the visitors by unique activities which were performed by your dinosaurs. It is suggested you that complete the missions on every island before you want to move on next level or island. Also, there is no need to afraid of the decline missions.

    Use all the resources to complete your mission

As there comes a situation when you are left with no resources to complete some of the missions which are allotted to you. So it is best to decline that mission as no poor remark will be given to you at that time. You can easily decline the mission and request for the other mission. It is good to ensure that your dinosaur has appropriate food and water. The food which your dinosaur was eating should be balanced and according to their taste only.