You are the one who likes to do lots of shopping without spending money then take a trial of App nana. It is a gaming app where the player needs to collect the points and win some rewards. In this application, one can win keys for beneficial aspect. Through this, you can invite more friends to earning more points and generate some interest. It is a full package of earning rewards by watching videos and playing the game. If the player is not able to get enough rewards, then one can take help from app nana hack.


For playing the game, you need to win some currencies. In the entire game, there are a total of 2 types of currencies keys and nanas.


The keys are the premium currency that a player needs to attain. Through this, one can use this in exchange for coupons for shopping. The keys are beneficial for the application as well as the user.


The nanas are the primary currency that means it is easy to collect. Through the nana, one can attain several rewards and coupons of shopping.

How to collect?

There are several ways to collect currencies. Some of them are:

•         One can play a different game with the help you in earning some nanas and keys.

•         Watch videos and earn free keys

•         Invite friends and earn 2500 nana

Thus, these are the two main currencies of the app, nana that players need to know. Moreover, these are some aspects of earning nanas and keys. Thus, collect as much as currencies you can and earn coupons for shopping.